OxHRH Graduate Research Student Workshop 2021


May 26 - 27 2021


2:00 pm

OxHRH Graduate Research Student Workshop 2021

The Oxford Human Rights Hub is pleased to announce its sixth workshop for human rights MPhil and DPhil students at Oxford University. This workshop will bring together and foster a network of graduate students and academics in various disciplines working in human rights at Oxford. The workshop will be exploring current debates on data protection and self-determination, the intersections between equality and religious freedom in India, same sex protection norms, business and human rights accountability mechanisms, image-based sexual abuse, environmental rights in the corporate anthropocene, the right to education and community values and derogation under human right treaties. It will also have a panel on publishing articles in academic journals.

The event is finished.

Hourly Schedule

Day 1 - 26 May

02:00pm - 02:05pm
Opening Remarks
Sandra Fredman, Director of the Oxford Human Rights Hub
02:10pm - 03:30pm
First panel
Chair: Mónica Arango Olaya
02:10pm - 02:25pm
Presenter: Lloyd Roughton. Discussant: Stefan Theil
Towards Informational Self-Determination: Reforming Data Protection Law in the Age of Big Data and Surveillance Capitalism
02:25pm - 02:35pm
02:35pm - 02:50pm
Presenter: Anjali Rawat. Discussant: Barbara Havelková
Adjudicating Polygyny in Muslims and Hindus in India- Constitutional Interrelationship between Gender Equality and Religious Freedom
02:50pm - 03:00pm
03:00pm - 03:05pm
03:05pm - 04:00pm
Second panel
Chair: Tristan Cummings
03:05pm - 03:20pm
Presenter: Oskar Sherry. Discussant: Sandy Fredman
Dignity, Equality, Privacy: An examination of three central same-sex protection norms, from a comparative perspective.
03:20pm - 03:30pm
03:35pm - 03:50pm
Presenter: Danilo Garrido Alves. Discussant: Miles Jackson
Business, Human Rights, and Multilateral Development Banks’ Accountability Mechanisms: conditions for effectiveness
03:50pm - 04:00pm

Day 2 - 27 May

02:00pm - 02:05pm
Welcome second day
Sandra Fredman, Director of the Oxford Human Rights Hub
02:05pm - 03:20pm
Third Panel
Chair: Gauri Pillai
02:05pm - 02:20pm
Presenter: Marthe Goudsmith. Discussant: Laura Hoyano
The wrong of image-based sexual abuse: unwanted disclosures as human rights infringements
02:20pm - 02:25pm
02:25pm - 02:40pm
Presenter: Daniel Bertram. Discussant: Paul Craig
Environmental Rights in the Corporate Anthropocene – Promise and Peril of Transnational Tort Litigation
02:40pm - 02:45pm
02:45pm - 02:50pm
02:50pm - 03:05pm
Presenter: Sarah Horsch Carsley. Discussant: Anne Davies
The right to education and community values
03:05pm - 03:10pm
03:10pm - 03:25pm
Presenter: Natasha Holcroft-Emmess. Discussant: Meghan Campbell
Human Rights in Conflicts and Crises: Derogation Under Human Rights Treaties
03:25pm - 03:30pm
03:30pm - 03:35pm
03:35pm - 04:00pm
Publishing your work
Chair: Sandy Fredman
03:35pm - 03:50pm
Liora Lazarus
Professor of Law at the Peter A. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia; Oxford Journal of Legal Studies
03:35pm - 03:50pm
Meghan Campbell
Senior Lecturer in Law, Birmingham Law School; Oxford Human Rights Hub Journal
03:50pm - 04:00pm
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