Jun 15 2021

TimeCentral European Summer Time (BST+1)

2:30 pm - 4:00 pm



Book Launch: Realizing the Abidjan Principles on the Right to Education: Human Rights, Public Education, and the Role of Private Actors in Education

NORRAG in cooperation with California State University, Sacramento (CSU), the Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (GI-ESCR) and the Right to Education Initiative (RTE) is organising the online book launch of Realizing the Abidjan Principles on the Right to Education: Human Rights, Public Education, and the Role of Private Actors in Education on 15 June 2021 from 16:30 CEST. The third volume in the NORRAG Book Series on International Education and Development, published by  E. Elgar Cheltenham (UK), explains the process for the development of the Abidjan Principles, including their articulation of the right to education, the State obligation to provide quality public education, and the regulation of the role of private actors in education. Join the editors and authors of the book, including Professor Sandra Fredman, Director, Oxford Human Rights Hub, for an interactive panel discussion, providing a unique overview of this exciting collection.

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A global membership-based network of international policies and cooperation in education. NORRAG’s core mandate and strength is to produce, disseminate and broker critical knowledge and to build capacity among the wide range of stakeholders who constitute its network. These stakeholders inform and shape education policies and practice, both at national and international levels. Through its programmes, knowledge production and dissemination, NORRAG contributes to enhancing the conditions for participatory, informed, and evidence-based policy decisions that improve equity and quality of education.

Other Organizers

Right to Education

The Right to Education Initiative (RTE) is an international human rights organisation focusing on the right to education. We promote education as a human right, striving for a world where everyone, without discrimination of any kind, can fully enjoy the right to education in all its dimensions.

The Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Gl-ESCR is a non-governmental organisation that promotes transformative change to end endemic problems of social and economic injustice through a human rights lens.

California State University


  • Prof Sandra Fredman
    Prof Sandra Fredman
    Professor of Law

    Sandra Fredman is a Professor of the Laws of the British Commonwealth and the USA at Oxford University, professorial fellow at Oxford’s Pembroke College, Founder and Director of the Oxford Human Rights Hub. She has published widely on human rights, labour law and equality law. Her books include Women and the Law, Discrimination Law, Human Rights Transformed and Comparative Human Rights. She was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 2005 and became a QC (honoris causa) in 2012. 

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